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Please do find sites where the love and message of Christ is the focus


On the net you may find many christian websites telling you about Jesus.
Here we like to present some sites you may not miss out. Please do have a loo at them and find more interesting articles.

A meeting place for lovers of God: the ecclesia

The disciples of Christ when Jesus was gone kept coming together in synagogues, public and private places. For centuries there were people who wanted to be part of the Body of Christ, following the teachings of Jesus Christ, gathering with each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, making church.

One such community is the Christadelphian ecclesia in Belgium, which presents her views and articles on WordPress.
Please go there to find articles on the subjects spoken of in the services.


=> Belgian Free Christadelphians - Ecclesia Brussel-Leuven


Stepping on toes

Often in this world people like to argue and want to go against those who love God. Lots of people enjoy themselves when they can attack lovers of Christ and lovers of God.

Many people are also often stepped on their little toe when those who study the Word of God, try to give them answers from the Bible. Most people do want to hold fast on their attitudes and human dogma's, instead of holding to the teachings of the master teacher Jesus.


Stepping Toes is a Lifestyle magazine which concentrates on our human life from the biblical point of view.


Please visit the website where you might find tricky articles or subjects not often like to be debated. Be it daring let it not keep you away from visiting it regularly.


Please do Find=> Stepping toes


Raining or sunshine, always the sun in our heart

The Brothers and Sisters in Christ want to share their love for Christ with you and invite you to join them.


They may be a very tiny community in the world of Christendom. In Christianity they are people who study together the Bible, the infallible Word of God


On the site Broeders in Christus, Brethren in Christ or Christadelphians an insight is given in the world of the Christadelphians and can you find more information about their way of thinking and how they understand what is written in the Holy Scriptures.


=> Broeders in Christus or Brethren in Christ


Another Lifestyyle magazine

We live in a beautiful world full of wonders. Too many people pass by without noticing all those precious gifts which are in front of us for free.


From Guestwriters want to be a Readers Digest bringing positive news and musings. It wants to look at different aspects of life, from a Christian point of view and in relation to what is written in the Holy Scriptures; You may find poetry, little stories, meditations, prayers and exhortations. It also wants to present some writings from all over the net which are worth viewing.


Because we do not have much time and there is so much to read, this magazine wants to present you a selection made from a Christian point of view.


Explore=> From Guestwriters
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