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For a nice life here on earth


Welcome at this site of Brothers and Sisters in Christ, who love the Creator and His creations.


In the world many may not be interested in the Most High Supreme Being, but we do hope we may introduce Him to many and for those who know Him already, we do hope we may share the light of His Word.

Is the world not magnificent and would we not like to go to the many places on this globe. Everyday we are confronted with a lot of things happening in this world and perhaps it is worht to have a closer look at it.


You might have to tell us a lot of stories and we probably also can share some sotries with you. Be welcome in our little world of followeres of Christ. You may find us all over the world, but we do agree we are only a very small community. THough remember it are not only the numbers which make it. We do hope we can offer you also some quality.

In the beginning of times the Creator offered human beings His creation to take care of it.


We are given a task which we should take seriously.

Though we might be just a few, it does not mean we should not let hear our voice and go out in the world to tell others how they should worry about global warming and how man is destroying this precious earth.


We also want to let the world know that the earth shall not be destroyed, but that only a few shall, in the end, be able to survive and will be able to live in a marvelous restored paradise, with the name Kingdom of God.


It is now that we should prepare ourselves to be worhty and able to enter that Kingdom of God.

Looking at the world we can not avoid to see that there are good things but also many very bad things which are not making live easy or enjoyable for many.


We should try to make the best of this space given freely to us. We want to show others the way to find a better life and to find an eternal peace.


Please do come and join us. Visit our other websites and dare to ask questions if and when they arise.
We shal try to answer them and to be at your service


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