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About us


Brothers in Christ.

We are a small community who tries to live according the teachings of the Nazarene Jeshua (Jesus Christ the Messiah) from the tribe of king David, who is called the son of God.


Our commuunity is build in the way as in the early times of Christianity, how the apostles came together to study the Word of God, to pray, praise and worship the Only One God of gods Who is One.

Following a master rabbi.

We can not see Jesus and do not have him around us any more, but his teachings are notated in the Book of books, the Holy Scriptures, commonly known as the Bible, which we consider the infallible Word of God, the Divine Creator of the universe.


Having Jesus not anymore around us we still have the New Testament and the Acts of the apostles to show us what Jesus taught and how the disciples of him followed it up and showed us the way how to make church or form an ecclesia.


Jesus also gave the task to his disciples and to all who want to follow him, to go out in the world and to witness in the name of God, telling people about the coming Kingdom of God and about the Good News of salvation.


We are also told that the spreading of the message of God's salvation and the Kingdom of God has to go over the whole world and when many people all over the world shall be witnessing than the end will also be closer.


We want to show the world that there is hope for the future.

Together we should look for the better and blessed hope with a faith that can move mountains.

What does it mean to be a Christan.

To be a Christian really should mean being a follower of Christ and as such demands believing what this master rabbi told and taught.


As a Christian we should first believe what Christ himself said about himself, like that he could not do anything without his heavenly Father Who is greater than him. We also should believe that he is the one about Whom God said that he was "His son" (God His son) and not make him in somebody else than the Word of God declares him to be. Further we should now that God can not be tempted but Christ Jesus was tempted many times.


Being a Christian we should like to get to know Jesus Christ as best as we can and should try to do what he expected his followers to do. We also should try to become like him, imitating him, making him our second nature, following his will, which was doing the Will of our heavenly Father, his an our God. We should like to become part of the true vine, and part of the Body of Christ.


For a Christian Jesus Christ should be the cornerstone of his life and of his church. A Christian also should put his hope in the salvation which came over us by the impalement of Christ. god accepted his peace offering so that no other ransom has to be paid for the sin of the first man.


As Christians we should work on it to get the right attitude and best relationship between other people and us, Jesus and God.

​Going for the One and only One God, Devine Creator of the universe.


In the Holy Scriptures are enough reasons to find why Jesus is not God and as a christian we should have the same God as Christ did have. There may be many denominations in Christendom of which the majority loves to keep to a Trinity, but those who love Jesus should love and worship the same God as Jesus did, the Elohim, God of Abraham, Hashem Jehovah. We should not be afraid to use God's Name.


Today we may find Jesus sitting next to his heavenly Father to be our mediator and we should make use of this to find the restored relationship between God and man and enjoy being under His Wings, taking the utmost importance to His Voice and Words given to us in the Scriptures. That Voice should be more valuable to us than the voice of man. In the world a lot of people may prefer to follow the regular traject most people want to follow, but a real Christian should go for the Will of God and not the wil of man. doctrines of man should not be the gudie they want to follow, but the Bible should always be the Guide. Jehovah should be our steep rock and fortress, source of insight whom we trust and are willing to give ourselves totally for Him.

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